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Motors and Fabrics

Dropshade offers a competitive selection of motors, remotes, automation controls, computer controls, timers, sensors and manual control handles etc. We are constantly following the full spectrum of all new technologies that come available. It is our philosophy that our controls should be easy to use and as inconspicuously as possible. By combining high quality products with the most advanced technology available, we give our customers peace of mind to create the most accommodating and personalized sun controlled settings exactly when needed.

Other options include our popular cordless M-20 motor handle to operate shades with manual controls.

Solar, Sun and Black-out Fabrics

Dropshade carries a revolving selection of eco-friendly, sun, solar and earth fabrics from many of the top fabric designers in the industry, with many new fabrics being created constantly. Contact DROPSHADE to request some samples and find out what fabric could work for you.

VISI Fabrics

Solid Suede Fabrics

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